VLC 3.2 brings UI redesign for player, TV browsers

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Despite the popularity of music video streaming services like Netflix, Spotify, etc, there are still people who prefer to have their own files and use media players to watch them. One of the more popular players out there is VLC and the developers have now released version 3.2 of the app. We get a UI redesign for the app’s player as well as the TV browsers. This update is really more about “polishing the user interface” and also adding a few minor features to improve network browsing.

If you’re using VLC on your Android TV, you’ll see some changes in the user interface with this update. You will now be able to browse through your various media and then filter them for easier browsing. You can also jump to headers in a new screen so it will not be so confusing especially if you have a lot of media. If you’re using it to listen to music, you will now see a Now playing line where you can see information about what’s currently playing.

For the VLC players on phones and tablets, you’ll now get a more modern-looking app and even the controls have been reorganized for a better user experience. Even the audio player gets a new look so if you’re looking for a new one other than your device’s default player, you can try out this one. The playlists within the app can now show redesigned covers which you can easily modify.

The equalizer UI also looks different now so it’s “more pleasant to see and use” not that you would spend a lot of time on the equalizer anyway. The media information screen of the player now shows clearer information about what you’re watching or listening to. If you’re using the VLC Player on the Chromebook, there’s now support for desktop multi-selection using ctrl and shift. Plus, a lot of the desktop player shortcuts are also now available.

The update also has some other new features like the ability to group videos by name, voice search on TV, improved SMB support, plus some more under the hood improvements. Update your VLC player to the latest version to see these new things.

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