Vivo X50 Pro gimbal camera sensor tech explained

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Vivo X50 Pro (codenamed PD2005) is nearing its launch date and the intensity of leaks and sneak-peaks has escalated in the last couple of days. Yesterday the teaser videos of the new gimbal technology in the phone’s camera was teased and today there is more coming in about the phone’s camera innovation. Dubbed as the micro-cloud, the gimbal moves the camera sensor back and forth for up to three degrees to compensate for the movement of the phone.

This movement is actuated by a tiny double-ball suspension, which provides counter movement to the sensor. All this technology is fitted inside a 4.5mm thick housing which is remarkable in itself. For a normal user this means unbelievable image stabilization with multi-dimensional freedom of movement for the sensor.

The optical image stabilization will give a boost to video shooting in low light since the dual-axis micro gimbal and 3-axis electronic stabilization will reduce any drastic movements. In turn, this will give the camera sensor the ability to focus smoothly on what’s being shot. For a better idea you can achieve the result of 1/8 second shot with OIS when taking a 1/50-second shutter speed shot. Basically a 6.25-time boost in capture speed.

The phone will have a bump up in the price too as the camera module will cost two to three times more than current high-quality ones. But the unparalleled photo quality that the sensor will be able to achieve is unquestionable. This will spice-up the camera phone market as Vivo has a completely innovative technology up its sleeve and other brands have to play catch-up.

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