vivo X50 Pro+ gets into the Top 3 of DxOMark’s camera rankings

The vivo X50 Pro+ landed in the Top 3 of DxOMark’s camera ranking, being just a point shy of matching the Huawei P40 Pro, which currently holds second place.

The still camera gets a respectable 139 points (again, 1 behind the P40 Pro). The phone is pretty flexible with both a mid-range zoom and a long 124 mm lens (5x magnification), in addition to the capable main camera and an ultrawide shooter.

The X50 Pro+ nails exposure, offers a wide dynamic range and excellent color rendering. Low-light performance proved to be impressive as well and the autofocus earned a perfect score. Performance of the two zoom cameras was great if not quite chart-topping. Where the phone falls behind the best is the ultrawide cam (it’s still a strong contender, though).

vivo X50 Pro+ gets into the Top 3 of DxOMark's camera rankings

The phone scored 104 in the video test, again placing it third (by only a point). The stabilization was effective, even without the gimbal system of the X50 Pro. The reviewers believe that the Pro+ was at its best when set to 4K/30 fps mode (even though there’s an 8K mode), though color rendering needs work.

Read DxOMark’s detailed review of vivo X50 Pro+’s camera for more details and plenty of camera samples.

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