vivo V17 with punch hole coming on December 9 in India

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vivo is hosting an event on December 9 in India which will be centered around the V17, which won’t be the same as recently announced V17 (why do you have to be like that vivo?). There will be one at least one major change as the press invite shows the phone will come with a punch hole in the display which looks like the S5

Vivo expected to launch V17 with punch hole on December 9 in India

This suggests the phone might take after the S5, rather than its namesake from a different country, but we’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out. How long exactly we’ll have to wait until somebody does something about the super confusing naming vivo often uses is not clear.

Vivo V17 (left) and Vivo S5 (right) Vivo V17 (left) and Vivo S5 (right)
Vivo V17 (left) and Vivo S5 (right)



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