Vivo prototype phone shows off color-changing rear glass

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Vivo color-changing glass back

After our review of the Vivo X50 Pro and the Vivo S7 5G, we’re learning about Vivo’s latest technology. A unique color-changing glass back on a prototype phone is being shown off in a video. The special glass shows beautiful color hues that shift. It’s mainly aesthetic as any electrochromic glass being used in glass offices and skylights. The color tint results from electricity. It’s not really an old tech but this is the first time it may be used on a smartphone.

The color-changing effect is like what Samsung used on the Galaxy Note 10 last year. What’s better here though is the color completely changes to a different one. What happens is the phone looks different from every angle it is being viewed.

The effect may be purely aesthetic but it can capture the attention of many consumers. Some people have difficulty in choosing what colors to buy so maybe having a new color every time you will pick it up will help. Vivo has only demoed the tech but there is no telling yet if it will be officially and commercially applied. It’s a nice possibility but maybe not that important.

The video above is only of a prototype. The camera module has been covered so we can’t help but think it’s a real, working phone. Revealing the camera system may give us more ideas about the device like how many cameras are there.

The phone is somewhat similarly shaped as the Vivo X50 Pro. The colors actually remind us of the Vivo S7 5G too. Let’s wait and see what Vivo will do next.

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