Vivo IFEA is desirable concept phone with detachable pop-up camera

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Smartphone designers are constantly trying to come up with devices that stand out from the competition and bring USP to the segment. Vivo has been known to innovate the camera technology in the past and the quest continues. Its latest iteration is a concept that goes way beyond the pop-up selfie camera technology that Vivo pioneered. It is dubbed as IFEA Camera Mobilephone, and knowing about this one will tempt you to someday lay hands on this cool smartphone technology.

That’s because it is a detachable camera module, which can be used remotely to take photos and shoot videos. What makes the IFEA concept so interesting is the ability to use it with voice commands and safety features that send you instant notifications in case the smartphone and the camera module are too far away. Vivo assures that if this becomes reality someday, there will be ample “accessories and support” mechanism for better stability and storage options to shoot as many videos as you can.

The idea proposed by Dai Nairen has won the Red Dot Design Award, and for good measure. The first time we saw this idea, it instantly evoked a sense of excitement for the niche design. The possibilities with such a smartphone are endless. One can take difficult perspective shots never before possible with a smartphone or hook it onto your dog’s collar for an interesting Instagram story.

How much practical will it turn out to be for daily usage is still a question that needs to be answered? Probably, that’s why it is still in the blueprint stage and if somehow it manages to get to the prototype stage, Vivo will make sure IFEA has the potential to go commercial in the not so distant future.

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