Visit cultural heritage sites in AR from your couch through Google Search

Leisure traveling has practically come to a standstill this year because of the coronavirus. And for those who are always looking for the next adventure, it’s tough to stay at home and sit still. Well, if you have a smartphone, you can still go on a digital adventure with Google Arts & Culture. To celebrate World Tourism Day on September 27, they are bringing together a whole new collection on Google Search so you can visit cultural heritage sites from your couch.

We’ve said it over and over that Google Arts & Culture is one of the most under-used apps, especially if you’re interested in things like archeology, history, the arts, and well, culture. But if you don’t want to download the app, they will still bring a bit of their magic to Google Search. They have partnered with CyArk, a nonprofit organization which aims to digitally preserve some of the most significant cultural heritage sites around the world.

On Google Search, you will be able to view and “visit” around 37 cultural heritage sites from around the world in all its augmented reality glory. You’ll be able to view it on Search just like you viewed all the AR animals and dinosaurs, skeletal system, etc. Just search for any of the sites that are included in the list and you’ll see a 3D model in the search results. If you click view in 3D, you’ll be able to spin and take a close look at the site.

You can also click “view in your space” and so you’ll be able to bring the cultural heritage site in whatever room you’re in. Just point your camera where you want it to be and you’ll be able to “see” it there. Of course it’s not the same as seeing it in person but for now, this is the next best thing. And if you want to see more AR goodness, you can always try the Google Arts & Culture app as we’ve so often recommended.

The 37 sites you can search on Google are the following:

* Ahu Ature Huki, Easter Island
* Ahu Nau Nau, Easter Island
* Ananias Chapel, Syrian Arab Republic
* Ancient Corinth, Greece
* Audiencia in Palacio Tschudi – Chan Chan, Peru
* Ayutthaya, Thailand
* Brandenburg Gate, Germany
* Chacmol statue – Templo Mayor, Mexico
* Chunakhola Masjid – Bagerhat, Bangladesh
* Church of Sveta Sofia, North Macedonia
* Edinburgh Castle, UK
* Eim ya kyaung Temple – Bagan, Myanmar
* El Caracol – Chichén Itzá, Mexico
* El Castillo – Chichen Itza, Mexico
* Flanders Field American Cemetery, Belgium
* Fort York National Historic Site, Canada
* Gateway of India
* Great Mosque – Kilwa Kisiwani, Tanzania
* Jaulian, Pakistan
* Lanzón – Chavín de Huántar, Peru
* Lincoln Memorial
* Lukang Longshan Temple, Taiwan
* Martin Luther King Memorial
* Mesa Verde, USA
* Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, Mexico
* Nasa Apollo 1 Mission Memorial, US
* Nine Dome Mosque – Bagerhat, Bangladesh
* Normandy American Cemetery, France
* Palace of Fine Arts, Mexico
* Palacio Tschudi – Chan Chan, Peru
* Rano Rarako, Easter Island
* Shait Gumbad Mosque – Bagerhat, Bangladesh
* Temple of Apollo (Portara), Greece
* Temple of Echmoun, Lebanon
* Thomas Jefferson Memorial, US
* Tomb of Tu Duc (Complex of Hué Monuments), Vietnam
* War Canoe – Waitangi Treaty Grounds, New Zealand

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