Viscosity now supports ARM64, allowing you to use OpenVPN on more devices

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Viscosity now supports Windows 10 on ARM devices, thanks to a new update. The OpenVPN client allows users to manage VPNs easily and is aimed at both seasoned VPN users and beginners to VPNs. The update brings Viscosity to version 1.8.2 and is available on both Windows and macOS.

As outlined by Sparklabs, the makers of Viscosity, this update includes updated versions of OpenVPN (2.4.8) and OpenSSL (1.1.1d). The post states that the Windows version of Viscosity received an overhaul.

The Windows version of Viscosity has also been overhauled to allow it to run on devices using ARM processors (WoA64 support). Along with supporting ARM, we’ve been able to include a small additional performance boost to VPN connections.

The update was shared on Reddit by Reddit user Grumphus256. That post points out that Surface Pro X owners would find it useful. While the Surface Pro X and other Windows 10 on ARM devices can run ARM64 apps and run 32-bit apps through emulation, they have compatibility issues with some pieces of software. The update to Viscosity gives people on these devices another VPN option.


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