Virtoo phone remote control app will offer streaming app feature

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Virtoo LG

Microsoft’s Your Phone app has been around for some time. There are similar apps available like Virtoo. The app is more of a smartphone remote control app. It was developed by Screenovate. The two may have similarities and looks like they will continue to compete as Virtoo also now gets a streaming app feature. The idea is for the app to be able to launch another app from your phone and have the content mirrored to another display like a computer screen.

Screenovate has not really made a big reveal but the app is available to download from the Google Play Store for Android devices. You will see the app listed as Virtoo by LG. There are also desktop PC and iOS versions of Virtoo according to our source.

You may notice that the desktop “app” runs in a browser. It’s usually accessible from but unfortunately, it’s not currently available.

Virtoo is like the Your Phone app in many ways. You can see a section for text messages, notifications, apps, screen mirroring, and contacts. Screenovate will likely have this app readily compatible with Dell and LG computers. So if Your Phone works with most Microsoft-powered products and Android devices like those from Samsung, Virtoo can also work with other PCs.

We can probably expect the main features will be similar to what Your Phone has like app resizing, running multiple mobile apps, or forwarding calls to a computer. Do note that some functions may not work properly depending on your phone model. Some phones by not support Virtoo by LG yet.

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