Vin Diesel flick ‘Bloodshot’ jumps from theaters to the Microsoft Store

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and subsequent closure of theaters, has lead to some movie studios shipping their movies out to digital home releases much earlier than usual. We’ve already seen Birds of Prey hit stores early, but Vin Diesel’s new action flick, Bloodshot, has made the jump in record time. Released in theaters earlier this month, Bloodshot is now available at the Microsoft Store for $20 and other digital stores in 4K for $20.

Bloodshot is the movie adaptation of a comic book about a marine who is reanimated with super powers. Revived to be used as a weapon, Vin Diesel stars as Ray Garrison, who is enhanced with nano technology to give him superhuman abilities. However, he’s plagued by an inability to recall his memories until they start flooding back and he embarks on a mission of revenge against the man who killed him and his wife.

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This early release is part of a pattern we’re likely to continue seeing as studios try to get their movies into homes during the duration of the pandemic. The Microsoft Store has a “Home Premiere” section dedicated to movies meant to still be in theaters, with options to rent them at home.

Bloodshot is available to buy in up to 4K at the Microsoft Store, Amazon, and iTunes now. Note that the movie may not be available in all regions around the globe at the same time.

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