Verizon Samsung Galaxy S20 5G UW has smaller RAM

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Verizon offers an ultra-fast 5G network. At the moment in the United States, it is the only carrier that sells the Samsung Galaxy S20 with mmWave 5G. Other Galaxy S20 units can’t take advantage of the fast 5G because they only have sub-6 5G. Well, that’s fast already but The Big Red is said to be the fastest. So if you want really fast 5G but can only afford the Galaxy S20, choose Verizon. However, there are some downsides. The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S20 5G doesn’t offer storage expansion. It only comes with 128GB built-in storage.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 sold by AT&T and T-Mobile also comes with 5G but they only work on the low-band 5G. The absence of expandable storage on the Verizon variant seems to be acceptable since mobile Internet connectivity is fast. Files, photos, and videos can easily be uploaded to the cloud with a fast 5G connectivity–no need for a bigger storage.

Specifically, the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G UW (Ultra Wideband) works on the high-frequency network of Verizon. We mentioned this before, its RAM isn’t as high as the other Galaxy S20 smartphones that can be used on other carriers.

Samsung made the decision to lower the RAM to make the 5G UW possible. It’s somewhat a compromise but understandable because the company wants to maintain the price at the same price point. Samsung said, “The Galaxy S20 5G UW was designed to meet the needs of our carrier partners and Galaxy fans alike. To support the addition of mmWave components, we had to make certain design and hardware decisions to provide a device with the form factor and price point as other S20 models.”

From 12GB, RAM is now 8GB. Not many people will notice the difference in RAM performance. What we will remember is the fast connectivity. There is no change in the battery so it’s still 4000mAh.

It’s not confirmed but mmWave antennae usually need more space. Removing the SDcard also offers extra space for other RF components so maybe that’s the reason why it’s been removed.

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