Verizon LG V40 ThinQ is now receiving Android 10 update

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Back in May, AT&T version of LG V40 ThinQ started receiving Android 10 update, and since owners of the LG V40 ThinQ on Verizon were waiting for the software update to show up on their phones. Verizon has finally confirmed that it has rolled out the software update and the April security patch for the device. This update, which will suddenly lift up the value of the handset will help optimize its performance and resolve known issues.

With the software version labeled as V405UA30a, you will get the most up to date Android security and patches on your Verizon LG V40 ThinQ smartphone. As it is a norm with all companies, the Android 10 update will roll out in phases, so some users may receive it before the others.

With all the goodness of Android 10, the handset will get night mode to view the screen even in dark without glare. There will be a slight change in the switch camera button – the button has been brought down to the bottom of the screen for easy access. Earlier to switch camera modes, you had to reach to the top of the phone’s screen.

Additionally, there will be a change in the navigation bar, which gets the option of navigating the phone with gestures. If you often forget when and where you have clicked a picture with your LG V40 – the new software update will make it easier. The search screen on the phone would show suggestions to when, where and how the videos and photos in the gallery were taken.


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