Verizon Care Smartwatch for seniors can be pre-ordered now

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Amid various other things that we had lost track of in our lifestyle, the COVID-19 crisis has turned our focus toward the health and well-being of the seniors back home. There is nothing better than being with parents and grandparents and catering to their needs. But in these times when staying away from them seems the most practical thing to do, how do you stay up-to-date with their well-being? To monitor the health of loved ones and to give peace of mind to the caregivers, Verizon has introduced Care Smartwatch and it is up for pre-order for $149.99.

It’s not another smartwatch on the block with fancy features to go with. This one is simple to the job type. The watch comes with its own phone number, support for Verizon’s Care Smart app, and facilitates calls and text messages over 4G network. It’s not easy for our grannies and aging parent to remember their medication schedule or a doctor’s appointment – the watch can be used to set timers and alerts for it.

The watch enables building a network of contacts, a feature Verizon calls the trusted circle – where a contact group of up to ten people can be created. This is a group of trusted family members and friends who can be contacted instantly when the senior requires assistance. All these features work through care smart app, which family members can have on their handhelds to stay on top of their parent’s routine.

Talking of routine, if the senior with the watch has some underlying problem, where walking and exercising is necessary – the watch’s step tracker has you covered. Just with the flip of the app, you can easily know who much the person has walked, so you can push them to pick-up. The watch’s location tracker ensures caregivers can have a constant eye on their loved one just to ensure they do not take their walking routine to parameters beyond their permitted confines.

Other features on the watch are pretty nifty too. The watch touts a battery life of up to 2.5 days on a single charge while its adjustable wristband (black and purple) ensures the watch doesn’t leave an undue impression on the soft skin of the elderly. Care Smartwatch is available through Verizon Wireless for $149.99 or on a $0 down $6.24 installment for 24 months.

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