Variable playback speed on the way for Teams meeting recordings

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Microsoft Teams will soon support variable playback for meeting recordings. The feature will allow people to play meetings back from speeds between 0.5-2x their normal speed. The feature could arrive as soon as September 2021, but that date from the Microsoft 365 roadmap could change.

Being able to speed up meeting records will allow people to quickly recap what’s happened, while slowing things down could be useful for more thorough listening.

The feature will work with Teams meetings saved to SharePoint or OneDrive.

Here’s the description of the feature from Microsoft:

For Teams meeting recordings saved to OneDrive & SharePoint you’ll now be able to change the playback speed (0.5x – 2x) while watching the video.

Microsoft is working on several ways to improve meeting recordings on Teams. Soon, people will be able to automatically record meetings held on Teams. The app will also support automatically deleting recordings to free up storage space in the future.

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The recently launched Meeting recap feature also helps people catch up after a meeting ends. It provides a transcript of a meeting, all of the messages from its chat, and all of the files shared during the meeting.

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