Valve Index will be back in stock on March 9

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The VR gaming space seems to be moving a little slowly for some people, but that hasn’t stopped companies like Oculus and HTC releasing new headsets and hardware. Valve, the company behind Steam, decided to get into the race themselves with their uber-premium Valve Index. So far, however, it’s been a little hard to get a hold of. It’s good then that Valve announced on Twitter that more stock of the headset will be coming to Steam on Monday, March 9. You better prep your wallet, because the full base kit for the Index starts at $999.

The Valve Index is definitely a flagship VR experience, aiming to offer the best for those with powerful gaming PC’s. With innovative controllers and a high end display, the Index is not fit for those just dipping their toes into VR. That’s because the most eye-watering feature of the Index is…the price. To get the full kit that includes the headset, base stations, and controllers, you’ll need to shell out $999 at Steam. It’s definitely on the pricey side, but it’s awesome to see companies continue to push the boundaries in VR technology.

If you’re interested, bookmark the Valve Index’s Steam page and wait patiently for March 9 to come around.

The premium VR headset

Valve Index

Valve’s answer to virtual reality.

There’s no doubt that the Valve Index incorporates an impressive number of features to justify its big price tag. If you need the best in VR, your options are a little limited right now. It may be price, but the Valve Index checks every box.


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