V-Ray GPU can get speeds ups of 40 percent thanks to RTX support

V-Ray’s 3-D rendering software is an industry-standard tool for realistic 3-D image creation. It’s used to render images of buildings, visual effects, and other graphically intense scenes. Now, V-Ray Next GPU supports ray-tracing hardware within NVIDIA RTX GPUs. This support brings an average speedup of 40 percent, according to Chaos Group.

Chaos Group breaks down the advantages of RTX support in a new post. V-Ray GPU was already able to render on NVIDIA RTX cards, but can now utilize the ray-tracing cores to speed up rendering. RTX support is already live for 3ds Max, update 3, and will roll out to Maya and other V-Ray products in the future.

According to Chaos Group, the final render of an image will look the same whether you elect to use the CUDA engine or the new RTX engine. Chaos Group points out that the speed increases that you’ll see will vary on a number of factors, including how “heavy” shaders are within a project. The company states that the average speedup is about 40 percent.

In order to take advantage of RTX support, you’ll have to make sure your device’s drivers are up to date. You need driver 441.28 to use the RTX engine in V-Ray GPU.

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