Using mods, you can play the original DOOM on Windows 95 in Minecraft

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It seems like every day someone figures out a new way to utilize the flexibility and power offered by Minecraft. Whether it’s for educational purposes with the Education Edition or just for plain fun, there’s always something more to do. Today, that “something more” is playing the original DOOM game, now famous for running on a variety of strange and quirky hardware, on a functioning computer inside of Minecraft.

uDrunkMate on Reddit accomplished this by using the VM Computers mod, which lets you build full computers within the confines of Minecraft, and then use a virtual machine called VirtualBox to actually boot operating systems onto these computers. In this case, the operating system of choice is Windows 95, since Windows 95 does not require a ton of resources to run at a decent pace.

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The end result is that you can sit down, er, stand up in Minecraft and play the original DOOM on a virtual screen. Now players in the comments section are asking the important questions, like: “Can it run Crysis?” or, more importantly, “Can you play Minecraft inside of Minecraft?” Doing either one of these things through a virtual machine inside of Minecraft would require a supremely powerful PC, but I’m sure someone is already hard at work figuring this out.

What do you think about this set-up? Would you want to play DOOM inside of Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below!

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