Use Samsung Pay on your Galaxy Z Flip 3, get cool points

I uninstalled Samsung Pay a few months back when it came to light that Samsung is doing away with MST support on newer flagships, which means you can only use Samsung Pay with NFC-enabled payment terminals and card readers these days. While reviewing the Galaxy Z Flip 3, however, I set up Samsung Pay again, and boy am I in love with how cool it feels to make payments with it.

Thanks to the larger cover display on the Galaxy Z Flip 3, you can use Samsung Pay without unfolding the phone. As long as you’ve set up a fingerprint on the phone, you just need to swipe up on the cover display to bring up the Samsung Pay widget, tap the power button to start payment mode, and place the phone against the NFC-enabled card reader or payment terminal. It might not sound very special, but in my experience using the Z Flip 3 to make payments in recent days, I’ve seen a lot of heads turning.

And that’s down to the fact that people see a small shiny square little device being used to make those payments instead of a card or a regular phone. Some people know foldables are a thing, but there are many who aren’t that aware, at least here in India. I’ve had a few people ask me what device I’m using, including the cashiers at the places where I made the purchases, and I’ve been happy to tell them all about it.

It actually reminds me of that Samsung advertisement that cheekily talks about how the Galaxy Z Fold 2 ruined a customer’s life because everywhere they go they garner more attention than they would like. But it’s not about the attention – it just feels awesome when I use the Z Flip 3 to pay because of how quick and easy the process is.

If you’re picking up a Galaxy Z Flip 3 or already own one and have used Samsung Pay through the cover display, you probably know what I’m talking about. Samsung Pay may not be as awesome as it used to be thanks to the cutting down of functionality (MST support, reward points), but the Z Flip 3 has given me a whole new appreciation for the app and got me using it again.

What about you?

Galaxy Z Flip 3 review

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