US Galaxy Note 10 trade-in program just got better, only for a limited time

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Samsung’s trade-in program for the Galaxy Note 10 series in the US just got better, at least for a limited time. Prospective Note 10 buyers can now shave up to $600 off the Galaxy Note 10 / Note 10+ full retail price when trading in the Galaxy S10+ or the iPhone XS Max.In other words, Samsung has increased the trade-in value for the two aforementioned flagships by an additional $100 when buying the Galaxy Note 10, up from the typical $500 discount. The good news continues, as the trade-in value for a multitude of other devices also got bumped up for the time being.It’s a great time to trade-in for a new Galaxy Note 10Prospective Galaxy Note 10 buyers in the United States are not limited to exchanging their Galaxy S10+ or iPhone XS Max to take advantage of a lower Note 10 price tag. In fact, the trade-in value for the much older iPhone 6S has now more than doubled. It got bumped from $75, all the way up to $200.

Likewise, Samsung Galaxy S10 owners willing to trade-in their phones will now shave $450 off the Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+ price instead of $400. Higher trade-in values apply for the Galaxy S10e, as well as the Galaxy S8 and S9 series, the Galaxy Note 8, and Galaxy Note 9. Google’s Pixel series got better deals as well.You can check the Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+ US online store page for a full list of devices eligible for the trade-in program. Keep in mind that the improved values are not going to stick around forever, or even by the end of the week, so you might want to act fast if you wish to get the best out of Samsung’s trade-in program.

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