Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds Beyond gets 3C certification in China

Samsung seems to be really beefing up its lineup of truly wireless earbuds with its Samsung Galaxy Buds devices. This year alone they released the Galaxy Buds+ and the Galaxy Buds Live. Now it looks as if they’re getting ready for a new one to launch alongside the upcoming flagship devices early next year. The supposed Galaxy Buds Beyond ha received the 3C certification in China which means it may be ready for production and release by January 2021, if rumors are true.

A post on MySmartPrice shows that they have spotted the SM-R190 with model number EB-BR190AY which they believe to be the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds Beyond. It has been spotted on the 3C certification database and since the previous Galaxy Buds Live has a model number SM-R180, then this couldn’t be anything other than the newest truly wireless ears that they will be releasing.

We find out some other things about the earbuds through the certification. It says it will have a 472mAh battery unit but that might be referring to the capsule case instead of the earbuds themselves. The Galaxy Buds Live had the same but each earbud has a 60mAh battery unit. This is still a pretty good specification although of course battery life is affected if you use the Active Noise Cancellation although we don’t know yet if Beyond will carry that feature too.

Design-wise, we also don’t know if the Galaxy Buds Beyond will be carrying the more traditional earbuds look or if it will be like the Galaxy Buds Live with its beans design. The latter stood out from among its competitors since it doesn’t carry the usual AirPods-like design. If this upcoming device is being touted as the new generation of the Galaxy Buds+ then it might carry the more “traditional” design.

The Galaxy Buds Beyond is expected to launch together with the Samsung Galaxy S21. Normally it would launch a few months into the new year but this one is rumored to be announced in January 2021 to get a leg up on the competition.

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