Upcoming Galaxy Fit 3 gets featured in an early hands-on video

Forget leaks. The floodgates on the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 are open, and it seems like nothing can stop information from pouring out before the product’s official release.

Even Samsung spilled the beans through its website a couple of times, and the Galaxy Fit 3 user manual is now available online.

More to the point at hand, the wearable has reportedly reached some retail stores, and someone (via WigettaGaming) already captured the Galaxy Fit 3 on camera for an early hands-on video.

The wearable is now displayed in some brick & mortar shops, and visitors can already try out the Galaxy Fit 3 on their wrists.

Unsurprisingly, the Galaxy Fit 3 in this video is shown in two color options, i.e., black (or dark gray) and silver, the latter of which has a white wrist strap. The video also offers a better look at some of the watch faces.

A cheap fitness tracker with an Apple-like design

Galaxy Fit wearables have never been as exciting as Samsung’s smartwatches, but that could change this year. The third-generation Fit wearable has a few interesting things going for it that break the mold.

One is that it boasts better fitness and health tracking than previous Fit wearables, which means it can better compete with smartwatches.

The other is its complete redesign. The Galaxy Fit 3 has a wider rectangular display that can host a more complete and complex UI, and the device looks quite slick and almost Apple-esque.

Even though the Galaxy Fit 3 doesn’t run Wear OS and doesn’t support third-party apps (as per an earlier Samsung leak), the general UI looks very similar to One UI Watch. The Fit 3’s rectangular shape might just prove to be a better design for smart wearables than Samsung’s circular smartwatches.

The Galaxy Fit 3 might not have a rotating bezel, physical or virtual, but it could be more comfortable to navigate and use, as its rectangular shape might offer a better fit (no pun intended) for the operating system’s user interface.

Samsung hasn’t yet announced when it will release the Galaxy Fit 3, but it should happen sooner rather than later, seeing how it’s already on display in some stores.

Editor’s Note: The Galaxy Fit 3’s redesign, Apple-esque look, and improved fitness capabilities might just make it a best-seller in a world dominated mostly by pricier smartwatches. And for the rumored price of around $100, the Galaxy Fit 3 could very well be the catalyst to revive the affordable fitness tracker market — a segment which, at one point, seemed like it was on its last legs.

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