Upcoming Galaxy Buds+ will have better battery, more mics, no noise cancellation

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If you were pretty excited about the rumored noise cancellation that will come with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds+, we’re about to douse a bit of cold water on you. It seems that the Korean OEM has decided to forego that feature for the next generation of their earbuds. Instead, they have focused on other things like making the battery last longer and improving the quality of calls by adding more microphones. But the question is are those enough to make up for no noise cancellation?

SAM Mobile says they have received some details about the Galaxy Buds+ that is expected to be announced at an event next month. And one of those details is that they have decided not to pursue active noise cancellation this time around, even as arch-rival Apple added it to their AirPods Pro. Design-wise it will not be that much different to the current Galaxy Buds. However, they have made changes to sound quality and battery life.

The original earbuds had just 58mAh battery but this time around, we’ll get something that has 85mAh. This means you can listen to your music, audiobooks, and podcasts for up to 12 hours on a single charge. When it comes to call quality, Samsung is improving it by having four microphones for the Galaxy Bud+ as compared to the original one which only had two. On paper, it should drastically make your calls sound better.

As to why they decided to do away with noise cancellation is still anyone’s guess. It probably has to do with trying to not make the price difference between the two so big. But will it be enough to actually make people upgrade to the Galaxy Buds+? It will depend a lot on early buzz and reviews, as well as how much it will cost.

The Galaxy Buds+ is expected to be unveiled at the Unpacked event on February 11, alongside the Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy Z Flip foldable smartphone. It will also probably be offered as a pre-order gift when you get the Galaxy S20 ahead of everyone else.

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