Upcoming Galaxy Buds Pro gets 360-degree animation render

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We’re still a few days away from 2021 but people are already starting to look forward to leaving this year and seeing what the next will have to offer. At least when it comes to gadgets, Samsung will be one of the first to hopefully bring good tidings. One of the devices they are expected to announce is the Galaxy Buds Pro wireless earbuds. We’ve heard a few things about it already and seen some static images even. But now we’re getting an animated render showing it off in different angles.

We’ve already seen reports of 3C certification in China and it also showed up on an FCC listing. We’ve also seen some static images, including that of a violet variant a few days ago. But we’ve never seen it from different angles to get more of a feel of how it will look like. Well, if all the rumors and leaks are true this is probably what it will look like. Tipster Evan Leaks posted the animated render of the upcoming wireless earbuds and all previous rumors seem to add up.

The “promotional animation” shows a pair of the supposed Galaxy Buds Pro as well as the charging case. Seeing it from all those different angles is pretty neat and shows how different it is from the open-ear design of the previously released Galaxy Buds Live. The animation shows off the black color but we’ve also previously heard that it will also come in two other colors, specifically silver and the aforementioned violet that we saw leaked a couple of weeks ago.

Other things we’ve heard about it previously is that it will have active noise cancellation, a pretty popular feature right now for those who are into truly wireless earbuds. And since there is a Pro in the name, this may mean sound quality will be better. And maybe also more expensive.  It will also supposedly come with a 500mAh battery but if that’s on the actual earbuds or in the charging case is still unclear at this point.

The Galaxy Buds Pro is expected to be announced alongside other Samsung flagship products like the Galaxy S21 this coming January 14. This is of course earlier than usual for Samsung but everyone will want to scramble to make up for 2020 losses by going ahead of everyone else.

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