Upcoming Android features detailed; facial gestures, Heads Up, etc

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Android Update September 2021 A

Google’s Android team doesn’t stop. The mobile platform is getting new features and enhancements especially with Android 12 going out of beta soon. The goal has always been to improve the whole system. It may never be perfect but it can be better. Some enhancements are being made to major features like Gboard, Assistant, and Android Auto. The system is more accessible and more secure now. It can be used with more efficiency to control Google TV, manage Google Assistant, make photos and videos more secure, and control who shares things with you.

Feel free to enjoy Google TV and control the system with your Android smartphone. With Android, your phone turns into a remote-control that lets you navigate through shows, search, and type keywords. This feature will also be available to 14 more countries.

The update brings the ability to control your phone with your facial gestures. It’s not exactly new but Android is specifically bringing Camera Switches and Project Activate. Camera Switches turns the selfie shooter into a switch to navigate a device. Project Activate lets you express yourself and communicate with eye movements and facial gestures to activate some actions like sending an SMS or playing audio.

Android adds Reminders from Assistant. You can manage them on your phone. Reminders can be activated with a single tap. You can also create reminders and automate to-dos.

Nearby Share. Control who can share with you or who can discover your device for file sharing. The Heads Up feature will also be available for more Android users.

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