Unknown Samsung phone pop ups, begging for answers: SM-G715F

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An unknown Samsung phone has appeared on our radar-of-things-to-come, carrying model number SM-G715F. Straying from any of Samsung’s current numbering schemes, it remains unclear what kind of a device this might be.What is the Samsung SM-G715F?It is the time of year when we can slowly start forming an idea of what devices Samsung has in the works for next season. For the first half of 2020, we expect a number of Galaxy S11-type devices, a second Fold, and the next iteration of the popular A series. In recent weeks we also got wind of Samsung’s plans to launch a budget Note, and perhaps a kind of ‘S10 Lite’. Yesterday, we already remarked that there is so much overlap between some of those new devices, we are uncertain how Samsung plans to make sense of them all. And now, things just got even muddier.The guys at GalaxyClub have confirmed the existence of a device with model number SM-G715F. Details about this phone remain very scarce at the moment, though two different versions appear to exist: the international SM-G715F and the European SM-G715FN. The device is being tested with Android 10, hinting at a release sometime after the launch of the Galaxy S11.The model number SM-G715 does not fit in any of Samsung’s existing naming schemes, but does show similarity to the upcoming Galaxy A71, a.k.a. SM-A715. This tells us nothing, of course, and short of hoping for some kind of Galaxy S11 Mini, we can not provide any sensible answers to the question of what the SM-G715 is.The SM-G710 was launched as the Galaxy Grand 2 many years ago, but we’re pretty certain Samsung won’t be digging that old lineup out of its grave. Until more specs or features leak, we are simply going to have to accept the fact that Samsung may be venturing into new territory in 2020, with more devices or device spin-offs that do not stick to the templates used in recent years.

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