Unannounced AKG N400 wireless earbuds make a surprise appearance

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Samsung is launching the 2020 QLED 8K Infinity TV lineup in South Korea, and along with the new smart TV models, the company also appears to have quietly introduced a fresh pair of AKG wireless earbuds called the AKG N400. The earbuds are seemingly a part of a special offer in South Korea, whereby prospective customers can save 50% off the AKG N400’s full price when buying a new QLED 8K Infinity TV.That is, at least according to a leaked image passed along by TizenHelp. It pertains to the aforementioned offer and reveals the AKG N400 earbuds in black, but design details are lost in the relatively low quality of the screenshot. And since neither Samsung nor AKG have officially announced the AKG N400 yet, there’s no information regarding the product’s full price or its exact specifications.This isn’t the first time for the unannounced AKG N400 to make a surprise appearance online. Last summer, sketches depicting the N400 earbuds were spotted in the SmartThings app without much of an explanation, but it was evident at that time that Samsung and AKG were developing a new TWS along with a new on-ear solution called the Y600NC. The latter continues to elude the market but the N400 seems to have gotten a head start.Time will tell if the AKG N400 will remain an incentive for smart TV purchases in South Korea or if the earbuds will see a more widespread release. More importantly, it would be interesting to see how the AKG N400 compares to the Galaxy Buds+. Samsung’s latest TWS impressed us with great battery life and improved audio/call quality among other things, and you can refer to our review for more details. As for the AKG N400, we’ll keep you posted once we find out more about general availability.

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