Ultimate Ears UE FITS wireless earbuds can be custom fit for you

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UE FITS wireless earbuds

If you’re looking for another pair of wireless earbuds because one is not enough, you can check out this new one from Ultimate Ears. Officially named as UE FITS, this pair comes with earbud tips that can mold to fit inside the ears. It offers an “instant custom fit” experience so you are comfortable listening to audio all the time. Not many wireless earbuds offer such so this new pair from the brand can be a good choice.

Ultimate Ears takes advantage of Lightform technology. This new tech uses a special light to “harden the gel-filled tips to the contours of each ear” at the initial setup. The results are earbuds that perfectly fit the consumer’s ears within a minute. So the earbuds must be setup first and custom-fit to a wearer’s ears.

This is the customization that matters. It’s fast. No need for repetitive measuring and finding the right tip size.

Getting the right fit isn’t just wearing the new tips. You need to have the UE FITS app already installed. Connect the earbuds to the mobile app so the purple light will turn on.

Each earbud will be “hardened” by the Lightform tech so you have earbuds that fit perfectly. In this time when staying home is encouraged, you can do the fitting of the earbuds yourself. No need to go to a store.

The earbuds offer an 8-hour battery life on a single full charge using a case that also offers charging. Apart from a better fit, passive noise isolation is also given. The pair uses a single dynamic 10mm driver.

HERE. The pair costs $249 and is available in Lilac, Gray, and Navy. No word on exact availability but it will be out this fall in the United States.

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