UDP makes distribution of games on multiple platforms seamless

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Other than publishing their games on Google Play Store, publishers can explore other third-party app stores to increase the probability of downloads. The only caveat being, the unique set of requirements for each of these platforms. In particular, a publisher with a limited team can find the task of curating the games for each platform practically impossible. To make things easier for publishers the Unity Distribution Portal (UDP) brings a unified build managed via a single dashboard for multiple platforms.

Developed by Unity Technologies who are known for their cross-platform game engine, the UDP helps save tons of time as it creates builds autonomously in the background with the required SDKs. The platform is so refined that even solo game developers can build games for multiple app distribution platforms. Even better, the platform is free to use, therefore budgetary constraints are not a roadblock.

All you have to do is create a developer’s account on the app stores where you need your game to make an appearance. Creating a listing of the title, the game binary files along with the screenshots and the relevant description is what you’ll need to do. UDP then does all the hard bit by creating the store-specific builds. If you need to track the game performance or make in-game changes, UDP makes the task a whole lot easier.

Currently Unity Distribution Portal is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Store, Huawei AppGallery, Xiaomi GtApps, SHAREit Game Store, ONE Store, and others to make game distribution seamless. The possibility this tool will provide for the games is unquestionable as it will expand reach in 188 countries. More than 400 Android game developers are already using this platform and the list is ever-growing.

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