Two employees at Samsung’s chip plant test COVID-19 positive, production unaffected

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South Korea has been one of the few countries which tackled COVID-19 in a commendable manner. Yesterday, however, the country reported the biggest surge in virus cases since March 2020. It was also reported that two employees at Samsung’s chip factory tested positive for coronavirus infection, but the production wasn’t affected.

Two workers at the South Korea firm’s semiconductor production line in Hwaseong Campus in Hwaseong, South Korea, were tested positive for COVID-19. One of those employees took a test at Samsung’s in-house clinic on Friday after showing symptoms such as fever and cough. He took a vacation from August 16 to August 19 and was back at work on Wednesday.

Another worker was tested positive after showing symptoms on Friday. While the authorities are yet to determine the source of infection to the two employees, they said that there’s a slim chance of in-house transmission of the virus.

The two employees have been wearing protective gear, including dustproof clothes, dustproof shoes, and face masks. The interiors of Samsung Foundry’s semiconductor plant pressure-controlled with the help of a positive pressure facility, and the company has been taking all measures possible to stop the spread of the virus.

Previously, workers at Samsung’s R&D center and refrigerator production facilities in South Korea were found infected with the novel coronavirus.

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