Twitter to revive account verification with documented guidelines

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When scrolling through tweets you cannot help but stop and read a tweet from a name with a blue tick in front. For years, this verification checkmark has been one of the most mysterious features. Owing to certain controversies regarding the purpose and what this verification checkmark implies, Twitter put the feature on hold in 2017 and has since not been accepting new requests for verification. This may soon change as Twitter is working on a new account verification system, which will show up in the “personal information” section of the Twitter app.

According to a tweet by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong – who is famous for discovering features in the works on social networking sites – Twitter is slated to bring back the account verification system. Reportedly, the microblogging site is developing a new in-app system to request verification. The feature is not launched for public, and there is no official word on when we can expect it.

Request verification is one of the most demanded features after edit tweet option on Twitter. It is because this coveted blue tick is an acknowledgment of the platform recognizing the account as authentic and of public interest. Though, Twitter has been unclear with what this blue badge represents. Now, with the latest information flowing in that the account verification could be revived, we cannot help but wait to see its impact.

According to TechCrunch, this time the verification option will, for the first time ever, come with publically available documentation of ‘what qualifies a Twitter user to be verified.’ With this clarity, the process of verification could be more transparent and users will be better prepared with requirements before applying for verification.

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