Twitter Spaces now makes it easier to post, search

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Twitter has been steadily pushing its audio feature Spacing as a legitimate contender with Clubhouse and other audio-only apps in the market. The latest update makes it easier for people who are already on the feature to tweet during a live event and for people looking for content to look for ongoing Spaces events. These audio-only conversations have been steadily growing on the platform and is a good alternative for those experiencing video webinar fatigue but would still like to have some sort of conversation about various topics.

Previously, if you’re listening to a Space conversation, you could tweet about it but while on the main timeline. With the latest update, you can compose your tweet directly from within the Space and the hashtag being used will be “readily available”. Twitter said they will also be adding handles in the future. This minor change will make it easier to tell other people about the conversations happening within the Space and maybe get others to join as well.

Those who are already on the Spaces Tab beta will also now be able to easily search fro live and upcoming Spaces by title, host name, and host handle. Currently, there is just a curated list of active Spaces that you can choose to join. Being able to search for something specific will make it easier to go into an ongoing Space. However, only limited people actually have the Spaces tab on their Twitter timeline and there’s no update yet when that will expand.

Twitter said they are also updating guest management controls but only for iOS for now. The control bar for participants will be on top of the guest management page so it’s more accessible. There will also be an added section for the host to see what type of participants there are on the Space. This section also includes pending speaker requests. This will probably also be added to the Android app eventually although they didn’t day when.

Twitter also said that “some much needed bug (sic) were squished” to make Spaces more reliable. Update your Twitter app to the latest version and see if your Space has also been updated.

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