Twitter Spaces now lets you add a co-host

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For those who have experienced hosting an audio-only “event” on Twitter Spaces, you know how hard it is to host and moderate at the same time, especially if there are a lot of attendees. The good news is now you can leave that headache to someone else so you can concentrate on hosting or vice versa. Twitter now lets you add a co-host or two to help you manage that audio session. You can also have up to 10 speakers so you can have a robust conversation as well.

Twitter announced this new feature for Spaces, saying that those who are hosting their audio event can now add up to two co-hosts to help with moderation duties. The co-host will be able to do things like manage requests from other users, remove participants if they become unruly or violate some rules, invite new speakers if you haven’t reached the limit, pin tweets, and do other moderating stuff if the host is busy…well hosting.

To add co-hosts, tap the people icon at the bottom of the screen during a Spaces session. You then go to the “invite co-hosts” option where you can choose one or two people to be your co-hosts. It goes without saying that they have to be on the session if they are to be added as co-hosts. They will then have to accept co-hosting duties first to avoid either accidental adding or an unpleasant surprise for both the host and the supposed co-host.

If you’re not familiar with Twitter Spaces, it’s a live audio platform for conversations on various topics like politics, mental health, entertainment, etc. Think of it as a hybrid between a Facebook Live and a podcast. Live audio platforms have become popular the past few month as people experienced “Zoom fatigue” but still had a lot of things on their minds. Clubhouse started it all and now Spaces is trying to make it happen for Twitter users.

This new feature seems to be live on Twitter Spaces now although not all users have a dedicated tab for Spaces on their apps. Now that the now defunct Fleets are not up there on the app anymore, maybe it’s time to make space for Spaces?

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