Twitter reportedly working on audio chat room feature

While you probably have several messaging and video conferencing apps that you use to chat with your friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc, Twitter is reportedly working on a feature that would let you do that on their platform as well. The audio chat room feature will probably be called Audio Space if the rumors and the leaks are true and it basically creates a, well, space, for you to be able to chat with a few chosen people and you’ll have control over who gets to talk to you in that space.

MS Power User reports that a month ago, reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi has been able to detect this feature called Audio Space. Last month, he shared that a floating button will be seen above the compose button. It looks like an audio icon similar to voice messages on other apps. But now it looks like Twitter has made some improvements on the working design of the feature as we’re seeing and hopefully understanding more on how it works.

The group chat room that you can create has several options on who can be there. You can invite anyone who’s on Twitter to join you or you can limit it to people whom you follow, or you can even invite just some specific users to chat with you. There doesn’t seem to be a limit as to the number of people who can be in the space but it would probably just be a small group as it will be easier to manage.

Of course you can resort to using messaging apps or even video conferencing apps to be able to speak with your contacts but if you’re more on Twitter, then this supposed new feature will be pretty useful. While originally just 140 characters, Twitter expanded its limit to 280. But there are still some things that would be better said than typed out, although that probably defeats the purpose of this platform.

Of course none of this is final yet and we haven’t seen any teasers yet from Twitter. We’ll let you know if there are any other leaks or developments on this front soon.

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