Twitter publicly testing out new Tip Jar feature

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We’ve seen and heard Twitter trying to come up with a lot of ways to help creators and influencers stay on the platform to connect with their flowers and monetize it at the same time. Now we’re seeing what’s probably one of many that they’re planning to test out and release soon. Tip Jar is a new feature that will let you directly support creators whose content you like. It also gives these creators more incentive to produce content and get the moral and financial support of their fans.

Selected users on Twitter are now part of this pilot program and you’ll see which accounts are participating if you see the Tip Jar icon next to the follow button on the profile page. When you tap it, you’ll see a list of the payment services or platforms that you can use to tip the user. The transaction will happen off Twitter to the app that you chose. At launch, the available services are Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, PayPal, and Venmo. Android apps can also have tips sent within their audio chat feature Spaces.

If you’re a creator and you’re one of the chosen for this test program, you can enable Tip Jar by going to the Edit Profile button on the mobile app. Scroll down until you find the Tip Jar item down the menu list and toggling it on. You can then link it to the platforms mentioned above. You will of course need to have accounts set up there already and you’ll just need to link them when prompted.

Twitter has been working on several things for months now, teasing us every once in a while on what’s coming up. They’re reportedly working on a subscription model that publishers and creators can use similar to Patreon but on the Twitter platform directly. Tip Jar was also previously reported on and now we’re seeing it in the wild even though the test group seems to be limited to creators, journalists, experts, and nonprofits.

Those who are using Twitter in English can now send tips through the Tip Jar to applicable accounts. All of the money goes directly to the creator and there will be no cut for Twitter, probably just for now.

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