Twitter may be bringing pinned lists to the Android app

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It looks like we’ll be getting a few new features for Twitter soon. But unfortunately, it’s still not the most-awaited and most requested feature, the ability to edit your tweets. That’s probably not happening anytime soon. The good news is that we might be getting a couple of interesting new features which includes the ability to create a list and then pin it to your main timeline. We might also get the ability to schedule tweets, at least on the web app version.

The pinned list feature has actually been available on the iOS app already since last year. But 9 to 5 Google says it might soon be coming to the Android app as well as they were already able to enable the feature even if it hasn’t rolled out to everyone. How it works is pretty similar to the iOS app version so if you’ve seen it before or you were able to play around with an iPhone then you know how this will look like.

The feature will let you create a list of topics and accounts that are of interest to you or you would like to occasionally check and go back to later on. The list will then be pinned to your main feed so you can go back to it when you want to. There doesn’t seem to be a way yet to share that pinned list in case you want others to see which accounts or topics you’re sort of bookmarking, but maybe we’ll see something down the line.

Another feature that they were able to spot and also manually enable is the ability to schedule tweets. You could already do this in third-party apps of course like Hootsuite but having it on the main Twitter app is of course more convenient. Twitter announced it already late last year but it hasn’t rolled out to everyone just yet. We also don’t know if this is something that would be available on the mobile app or if it’s just for the web app.

There’s no indication yet as to when these two features will roll out for all users. Rest assured, as soon as these features become officially available, we’ll let you know.

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