Twitter makes DMs pop up on the bottom screen

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Twitter Tweets Direct Messages Together July 17 2020

Twitter has been making important changes to its interface. The micro-social networking site last month rolled out voice tweets for iOS. It was said to be testing out emoji reactions but discontinued the project. We even noted the availability of Twitter’s Stories-like Fleets in India. There is also that reminder to the users to read the link first before tweeting it out. Account verification with documented guidelines has been revived as well. The edit feature is still elusive but we are thankful for the ‘Retweets With Comments’ feature.

Yesterday, Twitter announced that it’s keeping the “tweets flowing and the conversations going” by introducing some changes. No need to switch between other tabs and the Messages tab on the desktop version of Twitter. The Direct Messages (DMs) will now be shown at the bottom right of the screen.

DMs will show up even when the Messages tab isn’t open. The new interface makes it easier to slide into Direct Messages without having to click away from the timeline. Watch the demo below:

The social networking site is more than a decade now but it has remained a popular communication tool. It has made a number of changes over the years. The latest update is best for those who depend on Twitter for instant messaging because it lessens the number of open tabs.

No need to leave the timeline because the DMs will pop up on the corner. This is similar to what we see on Facebook and LinkedIn which is more convenient to access. It’s only available on the desktop version, at least, for now.

We appreciate the change but unfortunately, Twitter is also facing a bigger challenge. The platform has been hacked. Major accounts in the US have been hacked to promote a bitcoin scam. Some notable accounts hacked include those of Apple, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk.

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