Twitter lets you change who can reply after tweeting

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Last year, Twitter introduced a feature wherein you can choose who can reply to your tweets. This was part of their efforts to make Twitter a safer space for users especially in the face of trolls and abusive tweets. However, you had to choose your preference before you publish your tweet. There are times when you need to set up who can reply to your tweet after you’ve posted it. Well, finally Twitter is making that change to give you more control even after you’ve sent it out to the ether.

Twitter announced this slight change to the feature, saying that you will now be able to change who can reply to your tweet after you’ve posted it. You still have three options for this similar to the original feature. You can choose to let only people you follow reply to you or you can let only people you mentioned in the tweet reply. Or you can just let everyone reply to you which is the default setting for all your tweets.

Previously, you can only do this before you publish a tweet, with the options located under the box where you compose your tweet. Now you can change who can reply to you after you’ve published it. Just tap the three-dot menu on the upper right corner of your tweet and look for the option that will appear on the menu. And if you change your mind later on, you can still go back and change the settings again.

This change is part of Twitter’s efforts to give users more control over who they can and want to interact with on the platform. They’re also looking at other things like tweeting to “Trusted Friends” or choosing to tweet from different “personas” of your online personality like work self, parent self, artsy self, etc. They’re still in the exploratory stage for those ones so we’ll probably hear more about them later on.

For now, at least you’ll be able to have more control over who can reply or not reply to your tweets. This feature will be available for the Android app and the web version for all markets.

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