Twitter gives you emoji reactions in Direct Messages

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When someone sends you a message that doesn’t always require a response, you can still choose to react with an emoji or if you’re feeling “generous” a GIF that you search for. But it would actually be more convenient if there was a quicker way to just respond or react. Facebook previously introduced emoji reactions on both the main app and in messages. Now Twitter is bringing something similar to the platform with emoji reactions, at least in Direct Messages.

Before they officially announced the new emoji reactions, they teased with a tweet “sliding into your DMs like” together with seven emojis. They turned out to be the reactions you can make when someone sends you a Direct Message. Those seven emojis are: cry laugh, shocked/surprised, sad, heart, fire, thumb up, and thumb down. Nothing really different or surprising here as these are probably the reactions we make. It would have been nice to have a roll eyes emoji there though.

Each message in the DMs has a heart+ button now and tapping on it will bring up the pop-up menu of the seven reactions. The design is on-brand with the Twitter heart instead of the smiley face reaction prompt that you might expect. Aside from that though, there’s nothing else to do except to start reacting to all those people sliding into your DMs, in case you don’t feel like typing out words.

You can undo a reaction anytime you want or change it if you feel like you want to react differently. Participants in the conversation will receive a notification every time someone reacts to a message. For group conversations, you can tap on a conversation to see who reacted to the message. If you’re using an app or device that doesn’t support message reactions, the reactions will be displayed as text-based messages.

The emoji reactions for Direct Messages has started rolling out to Twitter users. It’s available for both Twitter for Android apps and web-based Twitter as well.

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