Twitter for Android now lets you swipe right for lists

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A few months ago, Twitter updated its iOS app to make it easier for users to access their lists on their main timeline. It’s taken them almost half a year for this to happen but now the Android app is catching up. Twitter announced (on Twitter of course) that they are finally rolling out an update to the Android version that would let you pin lists and then swipe right on your home tab so you can access the accounts or topics that you have organized.

The announcement on Twitter simply said that you will now be able to pin lists so you can swipe right and access them from your main news feed. If you’re not familiar with lists in the first place, you can create a list of topics or accounts and group them together. Previously, the only way you can access them on your Twitter app is to tap on the side menu and you can see all the lists you created.

With this latest update, you can now pin lists, which is equivalent to favoriting something. To pin it, just tap on the pin icon on the far right side of your screen. From the pinned section, you can adjust the order of your lists if you have a preference. You are allowed to pin up to five lists. After you’ve chosen your top 5 (or less), you can go back to your main feed and then swipe to your right so you can start scrolling on your lists’ tweets.

Twitter actually brought this feature to the iOS app back in September 2019. No reason was given as to why it took this long to get to Android, but a lot of app developers take some time before they can adapt some features on both platforms. But at least now, Android users can enjoy having their lists more accessible from the main timeline instead of having to dive into the side menu a lot.

Twitter said they have started rolling out this feature today but some users still aren’t seeing the update on their Twitter for Android app. Give it time to roll out since after all, you’ve waited six months for it. So what’s a few more days?

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