Twitter Blue subscription service officially launches

We probably know most about this already but here’s the official announcement: Twitter Blue, Twitter’s “first-ever subscription offering” is official! At launch, it will only be available in Australia and Canada as they will be the experiment for this new service. Twitter says this first iteration is also meant to get a “deeper understanding” of what people want to see in their Twitter experience. Most of the features previously leaked are indeed part of the perks for subscribers including Undo Tweet, a Reader mode, and customized icons and colors.

The past few months have seen Twitter working towards monetization and other content creator-friendly features so it’s no surprise that we’re finally getting Twitter Blue. The free platform isn’t going away of course but this offering can enhance and add complementary features that some may want to have and are willing to pay for. Those who sign up for the subscription will get exclusive access to some features and perks.

Unfortunately, an edit feature is still not part of that, even if it’s the most requested feature from users. What we do get is somehow close but no cigar. The Undo Tweet feature is one of the perks for subscribers and it will give them up to 30 seconds to click “undo” before the tweet, reply, or thread is sent out. This is a good tool for those who are prone to typos and unintentional mistakes when posting on the platform. Would 30 seconds be enough though for Twitter’s remorse?

The Bookmark Folders lets you organize your saved tweet and contents so it will be easier to manage. It looks like you can create and customize your own folders as the sample picture shows folders like Funny, Cute, Movies/books/podcasts, things to buy. Another useful feature is Reader Mode which turns long threads into easy-to-read text for a more seamless reading experience. The subscription will also give you customizable app icons and fun color themes.

Twitter Blue subscription rates are at $3.49 CAD and $4.49 AUD. Twitter says they will listen to feedback after this first phase and add more features and perks eventually. No news yet when they will be expanding the service to other countries.

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