Twitter Blue subscription service may be coming soon

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We’ve known for some time now that Twitter is working on a subscription service that will give additional features to those willing to pay a monthly fee. A couple of weeks ago, an expert tipster told us about some of the features that may be coming with this service which will be called Twitter Blue. And now we’re getting a bit more details about it including what may have been a mistaken listing on the iOS App Store, stating that Twitter Blue is an in-app purchase on the Twitter app.

Researcher and reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong is a pretty good and reliable source. A few weeks ago she tweeted about some of the Twitter Blue features that we can expect. This includes an Undo Tweet, which may be a version of the edit tweet that people have been asking for, and a Bookmark Collections. That was also the first time it was unofficially confirmed that the subscription is named Twitter Blue.

Now it looks like the iOS Twitter app has inadvertently confirmed by adding Twitter Blue as an in-add purchase but we don’t know if that was intentional. It also states that it’s a $2.99 per month subscription so it’s pretty affordable compared to other subscriptions. Wong was also able to uncover other features like being able to choose Color Themes and being able to customize App Icons as well as a Reader Mode.

Wong was able to become the first paying customer of Twitter Blue and she was able to receive a survey from Twitter. They’re asking why users signed up for and why they are primarily using Twitter for. This probably means that the roll out of the subscription may be near as between the leaks and the “mistake” from Apple, we can expect an official announcement from Twitter soon.

Unfortunately for Android users, this may mean it’s rolling out for iOS users first. It would be interesting to see how many early adapters we’ll have that will be willing to pay $2.99 per month.

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