Turn your laptop audio up to 11 with these external sound cards

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Best External Sound Cards for Laptops Windows Central 2019

Your laptop already has a sound card inside — that’s how you can hear anything at all — but the chances are it’s not very good, at least compared to what it could be. Whether you’re a music or movie lover, a keen gamer, or a combination of all, an external sound card will make a significant improvement to your experience.

If we had to choose…

When it comes to PC sound cards there is one brand that always comes to mind. Creative’s Sound Blaster lineup has been delivering top class audio for decades, and the Sound BlasterX G6 is the current king of the hill. A top-quality DAC paired with 7.1 virtual surround sound all in a little box you can attach to your laptop is hard to ignore.

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There are also choices out there for more specific requirements and budgets worth attention. One of Creative’s other products, the Sound BlasterX G1 is still capable of delivering virtual surround sound, but in something that fits in a pocket and costs very little.

Keen gamers should look towards the Astro MixAmp Pro TR as well. Besides being a full external sound card with Dolby audio, the built-in controls allow you to adjust the balance and volume of game and chat audio, as well as having tons of connectivity potential and an easy-to-use companion app for customization.

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