Turn down the CPU heat with this discounted Cooler Master AIO cooler

Your processor handles billions of calculations per second, which is incredible in of itself, but it also means it can get real hot. That’s simply the by-product of a device powered by electricity. It’s usually not an issue since we’ve developed CPU coolers that quickly transfer the heat from the CPU and dissipate it into the case for extraction.

For Black Friday, you can find a few CPU coolers discounted already and the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R is on sale right now for $100 with a further $4 if you use the supplied promo code 2BFSTNW25A. This may sound like quite a fair chunk of change for a CPU cooler, but wait to see what it can do.

Master Cooler makes some killer solutions for keeping your CPU within ideal operating temperature ranges and the MasterLiquid ML360R is a great choice for mid to high-tier CPUs. The all-in-one (AIO) is a little different from your traditional air cooler that consists of a heatsink and fan. The AIO uses liquid to transfer heat from the CPU block to a radiator using a pump, much like your vehicle.

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The radiator is pretty big, clocking in at 360mm so you’ll need to ensure your case supports the mounting of such a size. Once installed, this AIO will provide some impressive results, allowing you to overclock your CPU without fear of it heating up a little too much.

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