Tranya T10 truly wireless earphones review

The Tranya T10 are among the latest audio products from the Hong Kong-based brand. I reviewed the company’s T3 TWS last year and found it to be quite good for the price. Today I have the T10, which are another in-ear TWS set.

Tranya T10 truly wireless earphones review

The T10 are a more premium model and come with features like IPX7 water-resistance, aptX, wireless charging, and touch controls. As with the other products in the range, the T10 are still reasonably priced at $80 but can be had for less with some shopping around.


The T10 come in a compact and lightweight case with a simple design and a matte finish all over. The back of the case has a USB-C port for charging. The case has a Qi charging pad at the bottom, so you can also charge it wirelessly. The front of the case has four LED for charging status.

Tranya T10 truly wireless earphones review

Inside are the two earbuds that are raised a fair bit from the base so they are easy to pluck out. When you put them back in, the earbuds attach magnetically and the white LED indicator on them glows to indicate charging.

The earbuds also have a fairly simple design with a matte finish all over. They look a bit plasticky but the build quality and finish are still good. More importantly, they are IPX7-certified, so you don’t to worry about water damage from sweat and rain.

The back of the earbuds has a capacitive touch surface. You tap once to pick up or reject a call, press and hold to play/pause, double-tap to increase or decrease the volume, and triple tap to skip the track.

The touch buttons are also used to initiate pairing or to reset the earbuds. I’m still not fond of tapping on something that is inside my ear but it beats the physical buttons on the T3 I reviewed last year.

Tranya T10 truly wireless earphones review

Apart from that, the T10 are comfortable to use. They are small and weigh almost nothing. You can just forget they are there after a while. They also stay in securely enough that I didn’t feel there was a risk of them falling out.

Overall, the T10 are simple but fairly well-designed and built earphones.

Software and features

The Tranya T10 do not have a companion app. This means there are no settings to adjust nor is there any way to update the firmware.

The pairing process for these earphones is a bit odd. When in pairing mode, only one of the earbuds is visible, usually the right one. Once you pair that, you get a prompt asking you to pair the left one, which is just a one tap process. Once you do that, the connection is established between the two and then they act as one unit.


The Tranya T10 have 12mm graphene drivers with the audio tuned for elevated bass response. They support SBC, AAC and aptX codecs over a Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

The Tranya T10 have a somewhat mediocre sound. The bass is elevated as promised but the sound has a major deficit in the mid-range, which results in a fairly quiet, bassy sound as most of the important frequencies are lost in the mix.

Tranya T10 truly wireless earphones review

The bass response on the T10 is quite impressive. It is tuned really well and has the quality of a powerful subwoofer. Everything sounds more powerful and dramatic with strong and confident bass response. Listeners who prefer powerful bass would be quite happy with these.

The mid-range is quite hollow and lacking. A lot of the sound exists in this range and you lose out on a significant portion of it with these earphones. This results in a sound that makes you want to turn up the volume as you can barely hear anything over the bass.

The high-end is also lackluster. It lacks the energy of the low-end and sounds quite dull and muddy overall. This results in an overall muted sound where the bass is the dominant force and the rest of the audio is pushed to the back of the mix.

The sound overall isn’t too bad and depending upon your choice of music, the Tranya T10 can be quite enjoyable to listen to. However, you need to have a fairly specific taste in music to truly enjoy these as they don’t work well with every genre.

The microphone performance is actually quite decent. Voices sounded muted but fairly natural, with fewer compression artifacts that you normally find in Bluetooth audio. These should be quite useful if you intend to make a lot of phone calls, although a wired headset is still better for quality.

Tranya T10 truly wireless earphones review

Finally, the T10 also had pretty low latency for video playback when using the aptX codec with an Android phone. While watching YouTube videos, the audio was synced very well with the video and the delay was mostly imperceptible. The delay did seem a bit longer, however, when using AAC with an iPhone but it was still quite low.

Battery Life

Tranya claims 32 hours of battery life in total, with 8 hours of continuous use and the case providing additional three full charges.

In my testing, the T10 lasted for 6.5 hours of continuous use. This puts the overall figure at 26 hours. 6.5 hours isn’t too bad for continuous usage for TWS earbuds but it’s also unremarkable, especially compared to the T3, which went on for 8 hours. However, that was with SBC and it’s likely that the aptX codec on the T10 takes a greater toll.


The Tranya T10 are priced at $80 officially. However, at the time of writing, Amazon is selling them for just $40.

Tranya T10 truly wireless earphones review

At that price, the T10 are a steal. They have good build quality, comfort, wireless charging, and a sufficiently long battery life. The only issue for me is the audio quality, which goes hard on the bass but lacks mid-range detail.

Then again, most buyers in this price range prefer a similar sound or in the very least, wouldn’t be particularly picky about it as long as the bass is abundant.

If you can get these for the $40 price, I’d suggest you pick them up. Even at full price, they aren’t a bad deal unless you care about audio quality, in which case I’d suggest you look elsewhere.


  • Well-built with IPX7 rating
  • Comfortable
  • Impressive bass response
  • Wireless charging
  • Great price


  • Sound lacks mid-range detail

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