Top 10 most popular reviews of 2019: Q3

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>We are taking a look back at the phones that excited you the most in 2019 and the reviews that got you reading. It’s time to focus on Q3 – head this way to find the top reviews for Q1 and Q2.

We’re now at the quarter of the year at which Apple releases its new iPhones and Samsung and OnePlus their fall flagships. Yet, the most read review in the months July through September was the Xiaomi Mi A3. The Mi A3 was hugely anticipated as it’s the maker’s only Android One smartphone.

In our review we praised it for its battery life, clean software, fast and accurate under-display fingerprint scanner and great all-round camera. However we found that the large display was somewhat let down by its 720p resolution.

We reviewed the Redmi K20/Xiaomi Mi 9T in Q2 and now it’s time to take a look at the Snapdragon 855-powered Redmi K20 Pro/Mi 9T Pro. It had exemplary 103h battery life and superb camera quality. If you can live without waterproofing this phone is still a winner.

Our third most read review of Q3 was the Apple iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max review. The new iPhone Pros have class-leading cameras, speakers, displays and performance but also the highest prices around and an aging design.

The next review is of the Samsung Galaxy Note10+, the absolute best Samsung has to offer for 2019 (sorry Galaxy Fold, but you come with all sorts of disclaimers). The Galaxy Note10+ has excellent battery life, the best display around (size and bezels beat 16 nits more brightness, sorry iPhone 11 Pro Max), base storage of 256GB, an all-round camera package and a unique S Pen, and almost no serious flaws.

The Galaxy Note10+ makes another entry in our list alongside the Note10 – their joint hands-on review made it to the ninth place.

Our review of the non-Pro iPhone 11 was a hit, like the phone itself. It extended the excellent battery life of its predecessor, got an improved main camera and the new ultrawide camera of the iPhone 11 Pros and came with a slightly lower price tag. Those are wins, but you’d need to live with a sub-1080p LCD display and a huge notch in 2019.

Next up is the excellent OnePlus 7T – one of the clear-cut candidates for best value proposition smartphone of the year. Priced at only $600/€600 the 7T offers 8GB+128GB, a 0.5x-1x-2x flagship camera, big 90Hz OLED screen, superb battery life, 30W charging and a zippy software experience. Even without an official IP rating, you really can’t have it much better than that.

The Realme 5 Pro and XT are the next in our list of popular reviews. Both have great screens and superb battery life, both deliver a capable camera and both came aggressively priced, albeit with limited regional availability.

Our final entry is for the Sony Xperia 5, which was one of the best compact flagships of the year. We loved its 21:9 HDR-ready OLED screen, its excellent speakers, top-notch camera and class-leading battery life. The lack of a night mode for the camera was a slight annoyance.

See you for the final installment in the series in a bit.

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