Top 10 most popular reviews of 2019: Q2

We are taking a look back at the phones that excited you the most in 2019 and the reviews that got you reading. We are at Q2 now, but you can check out the 10 most popular reviews of Q1 in you missed them.

Welcome to the most popular reviews of the months April through June. It’s here that we tested the most popular phone on GSMArena for 2019 – the Galaxy A50, which unsurprisingly had the most read review of the quarter as well. The Galaxy A50 delivered a perfect harmony of specs, looks, performance and price.

The second most read review of Q2 was the Galaxy A70’s, that’s two for two for Samsung’s revamped A series. The Galaxy A70 was also among the most popular phones of the year thanks to a great, and large, Super AMOLED display, outstanding battery life and very nice selfies.

In third is the Xiaomi Mi 9T, also moonlighting as the Redmi K20. There was a lot to like about this phone – the excellent AMOLED display, the great battery and fast charging, the selfie camera, but at the time, the Mi 9T/Redmi K20 was a tad overpriced, something Xiaomi was quick to fix in the following months.

The OnePlus 7 Pro is next on our list. It was the first true all-out flagship by OnePlus with a true flagship 0.5x-1x-3x camera, a large AMOLED of Quad HD resolution and novel, at that time, 90Hz refresh rate.

The Nokia 9 PureView was quite the popular phone in early 2019 and its review is among the most read on our website. It’s five camera setup gave the image processing unit a lot to work with and it had a flagship display, build and sub-flagship price. But it was let down by an aging chipset, laggy image processing and uninspiring out-of-camera images.

The next most popular review is the Huawei P30. While overshadowed by its Pro sibling, the P30 had class-leading battery life, flagship performance and a great set of cameras. But it lacked water resistance and stereo speakers, and had an unimpressive selfie camera.

The Huawei P30 Lite is right on the tail of its more premium sibling. It was an interesting proposition at the time, but has largely lost its relevance by the end of 2019.

Next up is the review of the third Galaxy A-series phone in this quarter – the Galaxy A40. It’s among the cheapest phones with a quality Super AMOLED screen, has a good main camera, great selfie camera but only average battery life.

Our review of the Realme 3 Pro captured a lot of attention. This phone solidified Realme’s reputation for making well priced phones with great battery life. The Realme 3 Pro also had a good display and great performance. What was more surprising was the excellent image quality of both the main and the selfie camera.

The final most popular review of Q2 was our mid-2019 buyer’s guide. It was an elaborate breakdown of the best phones to buy in every segment – from entry-level, through gaming, camera and battery-champ phones to the flagship ones.

See you in a while with our most popular reviews in the third quarter of the year.

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