Todoist brings Upcoming View to see the tasks ahead

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If one of the joys (and pains) of your life is arranging all the tasks you need to do over the next few days, weeks, or months, the latest new feature from Todoist should please you. The popular productivity app brings a new Upcoming View so you’ll be able to see all the tasks that you’ve scheduled and planned in a more visual manner. This is apparently one of the most requested features so users have “a little more clarity and control over your schedule”.

To be able to preview your upcoming tasks, go to the left-hand navigation menu and tap on Upcoming View. You will be able to see all the tasks you added for the entire week. You can tap on the date at the top of the screen to see what’s new on a specific day. If you want to see further down the next few weeks, just scroll on the top bar. You can also jump days, months, years into the future by going to the month picker.

If you see a dot on the date in the calendar, this means you have some tasks scheduled already. This would be helpful so you can see which days are free for you if you need to add a few more tasks. The great thing about this Upcoming View is that you can add tasks and change due dates from the view itself. For new tasks, drag and drop the add new task button to the date when you want to schedule the task. And if you want to reschedule, you just drag and drop the task in between the days.

If you’re using Todoist on the web or on your desktop, you will of course have a more spacious layout. They recently introduced an edge-to-edge layout and now with the Upcoming View, it works even more seamlessly. The new design allows you to hide the left navigation menu if you don’t need any of the elements there like the dates, projects, labels, etc so you can focus on just adding and re-arranging your tasks.

The Todoist update should be rolling out to users over the next couple of days. The goal is to help people see their tasks in one window and make it easier to manage them, which is what a productivity app should do.

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