Title bars now match installed website on Microsoft Edge Canary

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The latest update to Microsoft Edge Canary brings a new feature that helps installed websites appear bit more like apps. In the latest build, the browser automatically changes the color of the title bar for installed websites to match a webpage. William Devereux, the Senior PM of Microsoft Edge shared the news of the update on Twitter.

Devereux explains in a techcommunity page that the feature works automatically, but that developers can select a different color if they’d like.

This change makes installed websites look a bit more like native apps. It also extends the feel of the website into the UI elements of the operating system. For example, the title bar of YouTube is red, and the title bar of Twitch is purple. People may use this feature for progressive web apps, but it appears to work with any website. Installing Windows Central through Microsoft Edge Canary created a window with a pink title bar.

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