Tips for creating the perfect Among Us game

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Among Us is the latest multiplayer viral hit that has captured the imagination of gamers. Set on a spaceship hurtling through space, up to 10 players must work together to maintain their ship while an imposter lurks amongst the crew, picking them off one by one. It’s an exciting social deduction game, and a perfect multiplayer party game for virtual or in-person gatherings. Work together, find the culprit, or die.

The game offers recommended settings to help you set up a game as quickly as possible, but that’s not the only way to play. The game allows you to customize many settings to build the most ideal multiplayer experience for you and your friends. With that in mind, we’ve put together the best settings for playing Among Us.

You call this a party?

With these settings, you’ll easily create a lobby that will be fun for both crewmates and imposters alike. You are free to tweak the settings even after you created the lobby. Just walk up to the laptop and edit the game settings from there. Playing with your friends is always a good time, even if one or more of them might be an alien imposter. Ask the right questions, watch your back, and you just might make it out alive.

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