Tinder gives users option to upload ID Verification

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Online dating apps have been trying to make their platforms safer for their users. Catfishing is one of the most common things the past years so apps like Tinder have been trying out ways to make sure that people are who they say they are. One of those things is ID Verification and now Tinder will bring this option to users globally after the success of the initial rollout. What documents would be considered valid and other regulations will depend on the country and region.

The ID Verification feature has actually been live in Japan since 2019 and following the success there, Tinder will make it available in other countries as well. Basically, it will let you upload documents like passports or any government ID that can prove your identification on the platform and let others know that you are indeed verified. They say they are looking at the recommendations of experts and also the input of Tinder members about which documents will be useful for each country and take into consideration as well local regulations and laws.

ID Verification will of course be voluntary as not everyone wants to upload their identities online but it will also depend on local law requirements of specific countries. Tracey Breeden, vice president of safety and social advocacy at Tinder parent company Match Group, says that it is indeed challenging to find an “equitable solution” for ID verification but it is something that they are looking into through consultation with the communities and experts.

Tinder has been adding safety-focused features to help members feel safe and also give them confidence that they have “authentic” matches and also have more control over who they interact with in the platform. Last year they added a photo verification system that gave users a blue check mark if the photo they uploaded has been confirmed that it is indeed them. Just last March, Match Group invested in background check firm Garbo and they will make it eventually available for users.

As for ID Verification, they did not give a specific time when it will roll out to users globally but said it will come “in the coming quarters”. We’ll find out more details when they do start rolling it out per country.

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